Deep Clean

Refrigerator:inside, outside, top, under & behind only if we believe we can move WITHOUT damage to the floor
Stove:clean under the hood, remove any foil, remove knobs
Oven:*Set self clean day before if time or use oven cleaner, clean broiler drawer
Microwave:inside, outside, under, vents
Cabinets:: __inside __outside __tops (check all the are needed)
Dishwasher:sides, top, face
Sink:remove any markings, wipe out corners and drains, run disposal
Floor:wash on hands & knees, wipe out corners

Shower / Tub:scrub entire area, especially where wall meets tub/floor
Cabinets:: __inside __outside __tops (check all the are needed)
Sink:scrub sink, around faucets and handles
Toilet:clean bowl, remove hard water ring, clean base, clean wall near toilet
Clean:ceiling vent
Floor:wash on hands & knees, wipe out corners, around toilet

Remove all cobwebs
Clean all reachable ceiling fans
Clean all light fixtures and light switches
Wipe all door frames and doors
Vacuum & wipe out window tracks
Clean any 2” horizontal blinds(We do not clean mini blinds or drapes)
Clean windowsills and tops of window frames
Wipe baseboards
Vacuum carpeting and edges
Wash all hardwood and stone floors
Sweep out garage and front porch

Vacuum around washer / dryer
Cabinets: inside, outside, tops
Floors: wash thoroughly

Pull the blinds down or close the drapes
If water is off when you arrived, make sure it is off when you leave
Take out all trash to bear bin
Lock all doors Lock all windows, door and turn ON alarm if needed

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