The bathroom is a very important room in every home and it’s essential that the plumbing work correctly. Homeowners everywhere count on Roto-Rooter for all aspects of bathroom plumbing, including repair, replacement and installation.

  • Shower walls and floor tile scrubbed
  • Glass doors cleaned and shined
  • Tub scrubbed, fixtures shined
  • Mildew treated
  • Sink scrubbed, fixtures shined
  • Vanity counters cleaned
  • Items on counters dusted & straightened
  • Knick-¬knacks and shelves dusted
  • Toilets cleaned
  • Wastebaskets emptied
  • Baseboards cleaned
  • Floors mopped by hand
  • PLUS+
  • Shelves and knick-¬knacks hand dusted
  • Cabinet fronts hand washed
  • Light fixtures/ & Fans hand washed
  • Baseboards, moulding, doors hand washed
  • Blinds vacuumed
  • Window sills hand washed

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