Welcome to Casa Shine! We just don’t clean we Care!!!!!

Here is some information about Casa Shine and how we operate. Started in 2016 with a small collection of homes, Casa Shine now has 15 clients who have mostly come to us through referrals. I believe the integrity of our company is based on the happiness and loyalty of our clientele,
We work with subcontractors mostly woman, that we know personally, we are a company that help woman with abuse, we really appreciate that you lets us care for your house.

House Clean Details

There are 5 wonderful women on staff who take personal care of your home. We usually work in groups of two. Therefore, if your house takes 4 hours we will be there with two women for 2 hours.

What a Basic Clean covers:

  • Kitchen includes countertops, toaster, microwave, stovetop, outside of fridge, sinks, floor
  • Bathrooms include shower/tub, toilet, sink, floor
  • Dust and vacuum all rooms
  • Mop all hard surfaces wood and stone

Items that are NOT included, unless requested: *DONE ON REQUEST ONLY*

  • Cat boxes
  • Flat screen TV’s, computer screens and keyboards
  • Mini-blinds (1st metal)
  • Windows (we DO spot clean kid prints and such)
  • Office desks, unless asked (we don’t want to disrupt your order)
  • Doing dishes, laundry, making beds

The items below are also covered if you request a Deep Clean. You may add any of these to your Basic clean for each visit or email us when one or two may be desired. Please let us know ahead of schedule so we can allow for more time if needed.

  • Doors and door frames
  • Kitchen & Bathroom cabinets
  • Baseboards
  • Blinds (2nd wood)
  • Vacuum edges of carpet
  • Wipe down inside of fridge
  • Pumice out toilet ring
  • Cat boxes
  • Flat screen TV’s, computer screens and keyboards
  • Mini-blinds (1st metal)
  • Windows (we DO spot clean kid prints and such)
  • Office desks, unless asked (we don’t want to disrupt your order)
  • Doing dishes, laundry, making beds

Cleaning Products

If you don’t want us to use our own, we ask that the clients provide the necessary cleaning products for the home. This ensures that we are using the correct products for the wide variety of surfaces (wood, slate, marble, tile, laminates, glass, shower doors, stainless steel)

These are some of the supplies we use:

  • Degreaser such as 409 or Citra Solv for cleaning the kitchen
  • Comet or Bon Ami for scrubbing white sinks and bathtubs
  • Toilet bowl cleaner
  • Glass Cleaner such as Windex or CitraClear
  • Soap scum/hard water remover such as Tilex for shower walls, be sure it’s not the mildew remover (unless needed) because it is toxic to breathe in
  • Antibacterial bathroom cleaner – NOT the aerosol
  • Fabuloso or Simple Green for cleaning bathroom/tile floors – this can also be diluted into a spray bottle and used as antibacterial bathroom cleaner, just be sure to mark the bottle
  • Scratchy back sponges for scouring sinks and tubs
  • Broom and mop, a flat head mop with washable covers are best for hardwood
  • Stainless steel cleaner – we prefer the aerosol, Weiman’s is the best
  • Pumice Stone for removing hard water stains in the toilet
  • White Vinegar / Bona for cleaning hard wood floors
  • A Webster to reach high cobwebs
  • Extra vacuum bags and vacuum belts


Please have your vacuum serviced regularly and purchase extra bags and belts to have on hand so we can change them if needed.

Payment Options

Invoices will be sent by email/text the week following your clean. You are always welcome to call on your account balance.

Your payment options:

  • Pay online when
  • Wait for an invoice by email to:
  • Mail in a check
  • Pay by online banking bill pay
  • * Please write INVOICE # or client name on check in memo line
  • Pay with credit card online or by phone 3% handling fee will be added
  • We currently doaccept Paypal, Venmo, cash app


Although we are able to get to any area any day of the week, we try and consolidate specific areas to save on time and effort, so we try to stick to the schedule below as much as possible.  We will do our best to meet your scheduling requests and try to find a permanent day and time slot for you.

Cancellation Policy

It is challenging to fit all clients in to their desired day and time, so if you have any changes (are you going on vacation?) please send an email as soon as possible. This allows us time to plan ahead and make adjustments. With respect to our time and other client’s schedules and requests, we have a 24-hour cancellation policy. You will be charged $50 for any late or non-notification as well as any lock out.

Feedback Forms and Gift Certificates

While happiness may be hard to measure, we encourage you to fill out our Feedback Form as often as you like to make it a bit easier for us. This is found on our website under the Contact Us tab. We also offer gift certificates, they are a great gift for a new mom, birthday gift or a friend that has family coming to visit.

Other Services

Referrals for other cleaning services

Construction cleanup

Office cleaning

Opening the house for other service people (Second homeowners)

Opening / Closing the house for guests (turn up/down heat and water, ect..)

Running house errands (purchasing supplies, mailing back forgotten items)

I have a complete list of subcontractors for most service needs, just ask.

Finally, we love notes. Please let us know how we are doing by dropping a note on the counter or giving me a call. Notes are also great to give specific cleaning instructions, let us know what area

may have been overlooked, or suggest an extra if we have time. I appreciate all comments regarding service and hope to use them to improve how we can serve you.

Thank you for choosing Casa Shine,

Luisa Rincon


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